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Sunset over Jackson's Pond located on Kiowa Creek Estates
(Photo by Rod Johnson)


Like many small agricultural communities, the town of Eads, located in Kiowa County approximately two and one-half hours southeast of Denver on Colorado’s plains, has struggled to survive the effects of declining population and the severe drought conditions of the past several years. Despite these hurdles, this small community has taken steps via an unlikely source to address these issues, steps which provide an affordable bonanza for land seekers.

The Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation (KCEDF), a 501c3 non-profit group formed over five years ago to work on local issues, has stepped forward to offer low-cost land to willing buyers in an effort to promote local growth and development.

The organization purchased eight-hundred acres of land on the south edge of Eads in 2004 and has divided the acreage into smaller parcels ranging from one-half to forty acres in size. Amenities such as roads, electricity, town water, and telephone service has been installed and the non-profit group is now selling these parcels, called Kiowa Creek Estates, at prices designed only to recover the cost of the land and subsequent improvements.

Multi-acre parcels priced from $6,000 and up are attracting interest from potential buyers from as far away as North Carolina, Arizona, and Texas and provide the purchaser with a bevy of opportunity to enjoy the uncrowded, clean air, and recreational aspects of this rural Colorado county. The development includes a spring-fed fishing pond stocked by the Colorado Division of Wildlife and walking and hiking trails are being developed as well.

While Kiowa County may be best known as the location where the infamous ‘Sand Creek Massacre’ occurred in 1864, urbanites are quickly discovering the abundance of recreational opportunities available just a short drive from the Front Range.

Wildlife viewing opportunities around
Kiowa Creek Estates
(Photo by Rod Johnson)


Whether it is bird-watching, hunting, fishing or boating on the Great Plains Reservoirs which are located just south of Eads; or the blue skies, moderate winters and uncrowded open spaces of rural America, Kiowa County has it.

Add to this such things as award winning schools, an almost non-existent crime rate, and basic amenities such as a hospital, a nursing home, a medical clinic, an assisted living facility with an indoor swimming pool, a senior-citizens center, a museum, an art gallery, a nine-hole golf course, a pharmacy--and businesses such as a grocery store, a NAPA auto parts store, a high speed internet service provider, a childcare center, beauty salons, a gift shop and other small businesses and one has the basics for a county in the process of recovering from adversity.

The KCEDF land also features several hundred acres available for business development, something that is gaining interest due to the fact that US Highway 287, the designated Ports to Plains Highway, runs north and south through the middle of Eads and is dissected in Eads by State Hwy 96, a major east-west route. Development of the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site has also fueled additional interest in this sparsely populated county on the eastern plains.

According to Kiowa Creek Estates planning manager Marilyn Baxter, the development of Kiowa Creek Estates has been carefully planned to provide purchasers with a chance to enjoy the Kiowa County lifestyle while at the same time preserving the integrity of the land through lenient, but enforceable, covenants that govern the development of the property.

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Jan Richards
KCEDF Community Coordinator
PO Box 250
Eads, CO  81036


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